Fighting Finns takes home the championship!

The final in Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli between Finland and Sweden was just as tight and exciting as expected. After full time the score was 1-1 (0-1), but in the first period of extra time Oskari Kokko scored the game-winning goal in sudden death.

This means that Team Finland are World Champions anno 2024!

- I just saw a long ball coming my way and tried to direct the ball in direction of the goal, says an extremely happy Oskari Kokko.

Sweden took an early lead in the 9. minute when Alfons Altersved took advantage of a mistake by the Finnish defense, but Team Finland fought hard and got an well deserved equalizer in the 80. minute, when Niilo Puhakainen fired a corner stroke to the back of the net.

The rest is a new chapter in Finnish bandy history.

The fresh world champions are Simo Huotelin, Kasperi Kumela, Joel Schrey, Eeli Böhm, Viljami Kumela, Arttu Väkiparta, Paavo Tapio, Paavo Simpura, Eelis Arponen, Iivo Korhonen, Jere Immonen, Aaro Heimala, Väinö Niiranen, Olavi Erkkilä, Oskari Kokko, Niilo Puhakainen.

Head coach: Tero Kumela, coach: Janne Väkiparta, team leader: Joonas Immonen, service: Tom Niiranen.

Here is a link to the final game:<br> and here are the highlights:

The Finnish Bandyfederation would like to thank the participating teams, the referees and the FIB supervisors, all our guests from Sweden and Norway, the organizing committee, and especially the local club Mikkelin Kampparit with all its volunteers.

You have all with your presence made the Boys 17 World Championship Tournament special to us and hopefully unforgettable to yourselves. We wish you all the best and hope to see you in Finland again in the near future.

All Star Team of the tournament revealed

Here is the All Star Team of Boys 17 World Championship Tournament i Mikkeli 19.-21.1.2024.

Goalkeeper: Iivo Korhonen Finland.

Defenders: Olav Heyerdahl Norway, Isak Åkerblad Sweden, Vilgot Lindh Sweden, Paavo Tapio Finland, Jesper Pettersson Norway.

Midfielders: Simo Huotelin Finland, Alex Gustavsson Sweden, Lukas Mattsson Sweden.

Forwards: Oskari Kokko Finland, Ludvig Tejmark Sweden.

Official tournament logo revealed

The official logo for the tournament has been revealed.

The logo is in blue and white, featuring two bandy clubs and one ball. 

Defeat against Sweden put Team Norways tournament to an end

The last group stage match, Norway-Sweden, in Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli was played on Saturday evening.

There was much at stake but both teams came in firing on all cylinders.

Sweden took an early lead with a spectacular solo raid by Alfred Thunblad, but Norway replied quickly with goals by Sondre Ramstad and Sebastian Mølsted.

The match was played 3x20 minutes due to extreme cold, and Sweden and Lukas Mattsson equalized to 2-2 before the first break.

Ludvig Tejmark, the leading goalscorer of the tournament, put Sweden up front with a successful corner stroke in the beginning of the second period.

A fem minutes later Lukas Mattsson put Sweden up by two goals with another goal from a corner stroke.

After that the match was basically over, and the last goal, scored by Vilgot Lindh, was of non importance.

With the final result 5-2 (2-2) Sweden marches on to the final, where they will be meeting the tournament host Team Finland.

The final at Hännin kenttä will start at 12.00 on Sunday.

The official match stats can be found at

And the press conference is available here below. 

Finland shows strength by taking down Sweden

The second day of the Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli started in arctic weather conditions, with the temperature as low as -26 degrees Celcius.

Finland put up a superb effort by beating the swedes with 2-1 (0-0) in a match that was played 3x20 minutes due to the icy conditions.

Finland was the better team throughout the game, and created a lot more scoring opportunities.

It was however Team Sweden that scored the opening goal when Alfons Altersved put the ball in the net after a corner stroke.

- We played a hell of a game and really put Sweden under pressure. We could have won this game with a bigger margin with a little more focus in front of the goal, says Tero Kumela, head coach of Team Sweden.

- Everything i still open but we definitely have to take down Team Norway in order to reach the final. I am confident that we can pull it off, Kumela continues.

Oskari Kokko, Team Finlands best player in the match, scored the equalizing goal and Paavo Simpura made the match winning goal only a minute after the equalizer.

The official match stats can be found at

And the press conference is available here below.

Effective Sweden put Finland on the edge

The first day of the Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli ended with the traditional rival game between neighboring countries Finland and Sweden.

This time Sweden was far more effective and won more or less comfortable with 3-0 (3-0).

The first two goals for Team Sweden was scored by Ludvig Tejmark, and Rasmus Lundahl made a nice effort in scoring goal number three.

Finland had two penalty strokes in the last five minutes, but without any luck. The first one was saved by Theo Benkelius and the other one missed the goal.

The result means that Team Finland tomorrow has to beat at least Norway in order to reach the final on Sunday.

The official match stats can be found at:

And the press conference is available here below.  

Norway beat Finland in opening game

The opening game of the 2024 tournament was played at 10.00 on Friday morning. 

Team Norway was slightly better than Team Finland and won the game 3-2 (2-0).

The deciding goal was scored by Olav Heyerdal with only seconds left of the game.

Match stats can be found here:

And the press conference is available here below.

Welcome to Finland and Mikkeli!

The bandy world championships for boys 17 will be played in Mikkeli on 19-21 of January 2024. The Finnish Bandy Federation, together with the organizing staff from the local team Mikkelin Kampparit, is happy to invite all bandy supporters to Mikkeli.

Let´ s all together make a spectacular tournament!

Only three teams in Mikkeli tournament

The Finnish Bandy Federation received four registrations by the deadline; Finland, Sweden, Norway and India.

However, on the 12th of January, a representant of Team India informed that their visa application have been rejected for the second time.

That means that Team India is not able to travel to Finland and participate in the tournament.

Team India out of tournament due to visa issues

Fantastic effort moves Finland close to final

Team Finland took one step closer to the final in Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli by defeating Norway, final result 4-2 (1-0).

The only goal in the first half was scored by Oskari Kokko, and at this stage there were no indications of the five goal firework that occurred in minutes 45-60.

First Norway equalized to 1-1 with Tobias Martensen as goalscorer and then Finland went to 3-1 with one goal each by Oskari Kokko and Simo Huotelin.

Olav Heyerdal gave Norway new hope by reducing to 3-2, but Oskari Kokko punctured the game with his second goal of the match.

- I knew and saw that my guys were running out of energy, and I am so proud of their heroic performance in the second half, says Tero Kumela, head coach of Team Finland.

The evening game between Norway and Sweden will decide which two teams go to the final. Norway needs a victory, after that it can come down two score difference. 

The official match stats can be found at

And the press conference is available here below.

Sweden rises to victory against tough Norway

Sweden took on Norway in the second game of the Boys 17 World Championship Tournament in Mikkeli.

Norway put up a tough an splendid effort, but ultimately Sweden was better with final result 4-3 (2-2) on the scoreboard.

Sweden started the match aggressively and scored the first goal (Elias Sjölund) after just four minutes.

Norway bounced back quickly and 1-1 was scored by Olav Heyerdal. Sebastian Mølsted put Norway in the lead with a beautiful goal, but Sweden and Ludvig Tejmark replied before half time.

The Team in blue end yellow dominated the second half, and Alex Gustavsson and Ludvig Tejmark put Sweden ahead with two goals before Olav Heyerdal finalized the match score to 4-3.

All match stats can be found here:

And the press conference is available here below. 

Match schedule set
for the tournament

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